Features of Hyokanko

freshness preservation

Realizing the freshness of ingredients

With normal preservation methods, discoloration, spoilage and wilting progress with time. However, Hyokan technology can be used to preserve the freshness for a long period of time by keeping the temperature below freezing.


Usually, the red part turns black and discolors, but this is the case when it is preserved in Hyokan. Even after 1 month, it will be kept as it is just cut.

Sea urchin

After 2 weeks, the color will change from the edge, but this is how it looks when stored in Hyokan. There is no concern that the odor of alum is transmitted by the deodorizing effect of trace ozone generated.


Normally, the outer leaves shrivel, but when it is preserved in Hyokan, the crisp state is maintained.


Perishable strawberries get dark after 3 weeks, but they look almost the same as when they are caught even when they are frozen.


Soft and juicy peaches easily go bad and you can't eat them after a month. However, this is the case for preservation of Hyokan.


The buds do not open after 2 weeks because of preservation in Hyokan, and we can see that the growth has stopped.

Expectations that freshness can be maintained

Primary industry

Loss reduction / Shipment adjustment

For food such as vegetables, fruits, meat and fish freshness is vital. It was thought that long-term preservation was impossible. However, if you use Hyokan preservation technology, you can keep them fresh and adjust the shipment. It is no longer affected by weather changes such as typhoons, droughts, and sea tides.

Secondary industry

Loss reduction / Stable supply / Reduction of labor costs

Agricultural products are greatly affected by the local environment, and the taste differs depending on the land where they are harvested. However, they can be stored in Hyokanko for a long period of time while preserving the freshness, so it can provide a stable supply and significantly cut the huge operating costs that have been required.

Tertiary industry

Loss reduction / Differentiation

By Hyokan preservation, deterioration of ingredients can be suppressed, so there is no loss of purchased ingredients. Since they can be preserved, it is possible to use good ingredients actively and to differentiate from other stores.




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