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Features of Hyokanko


Using Hyokan makes it possible to defrost at low temperature without unevenness.

The usual defrosting method is to defrost from the outside in order, so unevenness occurs and drip * 1 comes out. However, because the Hyokan technology is designed to evenly transmit the voltage directly to the ingredients, it prevents uneven defrosting and dripping. As it thaws at a low temperature, you can thaw it without worrying about food poisoning.
*1 Drip: Liquid liquid that separates and drains when frozen food is thawed. Umami is also included.

Types of thawing methods

1. Thawing method using air or water as a medium

By static air, by flowing air, by pressure thawing, and by vacuum thawing
Thawing in running water, ice water, salt water

2. Electric thawing method

Low frequency current thawing (This is preservation of Hyokan), high frequency current thawing (Microwave defrosting, etc.)

3. Heat thawing method

By hot water, by cooking oil, by heating plate, by steam, by heated air thawing

Changes in Amino Acids in Hyokan ripening



Changes in Amino Acids in Hyokan ripening

Beef loin



Cost reduction through Hyokan preservation without freezing

The greater the temperature changes, the more energy costs, such as electricity costs, increase. There are many excellent freezing and thawing technologies, but the use of Hyokan preservation, which can keep fresh for a long period of time, can cut costs such as electricity and water bills.

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