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Hyokan plus



Hyokan supply is working to create an amazing preservation by combining Hyokan technology with other superior technologies.


+ Freshness preservation bag

It can be said that preserving foodstuffs is very difficult because even if they are the same foodstuff, there are variations depending on varieties, individual differences, and harvest time. We propose a combination of Hyokan and freshness preservation bag to make it possible to preserve freshness for a longer period of time.

Aura Pack

Made by Bell Green Wise Co., Ltd.

1.Water molecule activation function 2. MA packaging 3. High antifogging propertyFreshness preservation bag with the above three functions to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for a long time. By working on water molecules inside the fruits and vegetables and activating water molecules that stagnate after harvest, freshness can be kept.

If you use aura pack + Hyokan = broccoli, you can store it for 1 month (29days)!
“Freshness preservation test using Hyokan storage broccoli”

Experiment period: Tuesday, February 28 - Monday, January 30, 2017 29 days
Test environment for 29 days: Hyokanko approx. 1 ° C (Voltage 3000 V), refrigerator approx. 2 ~ 5 ° C, room temperature approx. 20 ° C


Experimenter: Bell Green Wise Co., Ltd.
(※ APS = for preserving freshness of aura pack S fruits and vegetables in general, APK = for preserving freshness of aura pack K fungi)


Veggie Fresh

Freshness preservation bag jointly developed by HORIX Co., Ltd. and Fukuoka Agricultural and Forestry Research Station.

Veggie Fresh bags are developed to adjust freshness-keeping ability by focusing on the fact that gas permeability of conventional freshness preservation bags is low and abnormal odor is easily generated when sealed and packaged. Two types of films with different gas permeability are overlapped to create the best storage space for vegetables and to maintain freshness. 


+ Sterilization

A small amount of ozone is released in Hyokanko, which has bacteriostatic and deodorizing effects. Washing to reduce the number of bacteria at the beginning of storage is very effective in Hyokan preserving.

Aqua Fine Premium Acidity

Made by Tech Corporation.

This equipment produces "fine bubble acidic electrolyzed water" by putting fine bubbles, which are minute bubbles as small as 1/1 billion meters, in the acidic electrolyzed water produced by electrolysis of water and salt. Because acid electrolyzed water contains hypochlorous acid, it is highly effective against various bacteria and also has a deodorizing effect. The fine bubbles penetrate deep into the gaps in the ingredients and absorb and remove the source of dirt and odor.


Steril Keeper

CTS Co., Ltd. planning and sales

"Steril Keeper" a savior in the food industry is a sterilization system for ceiling suspension unit coolers that removes molds, microorganisms and viruses from unit coolers and keeps them clean. UVC (ultraviolet rays) germicidal lamps are installed on new or existing unit coolers to destroy mold and various germs from DNA and to keep them clean. Because no chemicals or detergents are used, no drug-resistant bacteria are generated, and there is no residual toxicity, so you can use it safely.


+ Instantaneous freezing

How to defrost instantly frozen food is also important. By combining the technology of instant freezing with Hyokan that enables uniform defrosting without unevenness, we propose higher quality freezing preservation.

Frozen sleep

Made by Technican Co., Ltd.

The liquid freezer (frozen sleep) freezes in liquid form "alcohol freezing", unlike the common method of freezing with air. Liquid has much higher thermal conductivity than air and can freeze at about 20 times the freezing speed.

The speed at which food passes through the temperature zone where it begins to freeze (0 ° C to -5 ° C), which is the most important factor in freezing, is the fastest in the world for the level that can be used for food. The ice crystals  produced by this process are minimal, do not damage the food, and produce high-quality frozen products that are as close to raw as possible, which is different from the image of conventional frozen products. This technology can solve the problems of food companies, such as increasing added value, expanding sales channels, and food loss.



+ Other


Made by RBC Consultant Corporation

The name "Microbial active material vacuture (BAKUTURE)" was coined from the term Back to the Nature, and is a technology to restore nature to its original state with the help of microorganisms. Bakucher itself does not contain microorganisms, but acts as a catalyst for the activation of useful microorganisms in the environment, or as a trigger for good bacteria. There are a number of examples of its use, with water purification, soil improvement, and odor control being the main applications. This technology also contributes to the improvement of agriculture and aquaculture.

DNP Multi-Functional Insulation Box

Thin and light, highly insulated transport box. Excellent insulation keeps the temperature low. Even if it is difficult to arrange a refrigerated car for delivery, this box enables chilled delivery from a small amount in a room temperature car. Delivers freshness preserved by Hyokan preserving.

Together with high thermal insulation performance and IT technology (IC tags, temperature loggers, etc.), we also support safe and secure logistics.

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