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This company was founded in 2013 after meeting Hyokan Co., Ltd., which develops and manufactures ice sensing technology, and felt that "This solves the problem of ‘Save’ of food!".

By conducting numerous experiments in collaboration with other companies, we have collected a large amount of data on Hyokan preservation. We are proud to have been able to build up our expertise in Hyokan preservation by listening to the opinions of customers who have already introduced the system.

There is nothing particularly difficult about how to use it. However, it is a little special refrigerator, so even after you buy it, we will continue to follow up until you can use it well.

Our company also handles prefabricated warehouses as well as commercial Hyokan warehouses. We take care of everything from design to construction.

In the future, we will not only focus on secondary and tertiary industries, but also aim to create "primary industry with inventory" that can treat agricultural products like industrial products.

Hyokan Supply Co., Ltd.
CEO:Hirotaka Sakakibara



Creation of an environment in which fresh foods can be stored in stock as they are



Organic nico promotes the spread of organic and natural farming methods and is engaged in the development of environment-friendly agricultural production technology. Based on its management philosophy of playing a role in the spread of organic agriculture, the company is engaged in the Nikoniko (2525) movement, which calls for "Let's increase the share of domestic organic agricultural products to 25% by 2025 and make organic agricultural products the norm." with the 2 pillars of the vegetable business, which produces and sells organic vegetables, and the agricultural science business, which develops and spreads production technology for organic vegetables.

We are working with the company to develop a new agricultural model. (As of August 2018)


Chubu Techno Co., Ltd., which is engaged in the engineering of freezing refrigeration, refrigeration, air conditioning, and low-temperature distribution of foods.
Since its establishment in 1980, the company has supported the cooling and heating field as an unaffiliated power in the food and sanitation industry, which hates subtle temperature changes.
Chill with "a hot heart".
Our company is a partner company in the design and construction of large-scale prefabricated and warehouse-type ice warehouses.


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Hyokan Supply Co., Ltd.


2013 / June


Hirotaka Sakakibara


5 members


478-0035 77-1, Shikata, Osakura, Chita, Aichi






Hyokanko Wholesale and Usage Proposals, Building Hyokan Systems, Hyokan Logistics Development