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Outstanding results and experience!

We will continue to follow up from design and construction to actual use.

Bichu Noen Farming Company

The Bitchu Farmland in Gifu produces maize in early summer. By combining preservation in Hyokanko with aura pack, the maize is shipped fresh and in its original condition.

The "morning corn" from Bitchu Farm can be eaten raw for a while after it arrives via Takkyubin. The sugar content is quite high, the texture is crispy, and it is so delicious that it makes you smile.

In March 2018, a 6.6㎡ prefabricated Hyokanko was introduced.

Corn loses its freshness quickly due to its characteristics, and it gradually loses its sweetness when stored at room temperature or in a normal refrigerator, and after 3 days, it loses its sweetness drastically. The corn harvested early in the morning are stored in a refrigerator. They are stored in Hyokanko and shipped in aura packs of freshness preservation bags. They also sell online, so please try it once in early summer.
(As of September 11, 2018)

農業生産法人 有限会社 新家青果

Shinke Seika, Ltd.

Shinke Seika, located on Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture, manufactures new onions (Salad onion) from Awaji Island, which should not have been available in the summer. The new onions are being shipped until late August, thanks to an innovative cultivation method and Hyokan technology.

In the flow of the test at the Hyokanko dealer → in-house test → introduction, at present, our 1815㎡ Hyokan warehouse is being used. The use of Hyokan has also been effective in increasing the sugar content of "organic onion" and "Amatamachan" which are Shinke Seika's main products.

By using Hyokanko, the loss was reduced, and customers are able to eat the safe and delicious onions from Awaji Island for as long as possible, which is said to have paid off for the producers who worked hard to ensure a stable supply. Hyokanko will be "Weapons to build strong agriculture" depending on how you use it.



This is an introduction from (Old: Naturalist Warehouse Italian Volare Esaka) Peace of World "Sekainoheiwa", a restaurant that serves dishes that emphasize the attractiveness of "ripening" ingredients by ripening fish and meat with Hyokan preservation. The shop is in Suita City, Osaka, which is recognized as a health and medical city. Their mission is to propose "real food" and we are pursuing what food is good for the world every day.

Sekainoheiwa, who uses organic vegetables and other carefully selected ingredients, introduced a commercial Hyokanko in November 2016. The fish is stored for about 2 weeks and the meat is stored for about 4 weeks in Hyokanko, and they are aged and cooked to bring out the flavor to the limit. Delicious ingredients that are carefully made can be eaten more deliciously by maturing.

The ultimate ripening fish Vege-Bros spazza made with special aged fish and vege-broth that has been in Hyokan for up to 2 weeks.

This is a dish that uses fish that has become more delicious, more flavorful and juicy, combined with several kinds of seafood and cooked in veggie broth (Vegetable soup). Although only salt is used for the seasoning, each ingredient brings out umami, so it has a very deep taste.

The restaurant where the skillful chefs cook in the open kitchen is bustling during the meal time. When you go to Osaka, why don't you visit there?

~ Example Menu ~

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