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The Third Refrigerator to Bring a Revolution in Preserving The Genuine Deliciousness of Food

Hyokan is a next-generation storage system that enables long-term storage and maturation of foodstuffs, mainly around 0 ° C, by special electrostatic energy applied inside the refrigerator, and suppresses the growth of bacteria to preserve the freshness of foodstuffs.


"Hyokan" makes it possible to preserve the freshness of foodstuffs

When frozen foods are thawed, they lose their “umami” along with their moisture, because the volume of water in the frozen foods expands and the cell walls of the foods deteriorate. However, Hyokanko is hard to freeze even below the freezing point, and therefore, it will preserve foodstuffs for a long time while keeping the fresh taste of them.

Innovation realized by Hyokan



Freshness preservation

With normal preservation methods, discoloration, spoilage and wilting progress with time. However, Hyokan technology can be used to preserve the freshness of foodstuffs for a longer period of time by keeping the temperature around zero degree Celsius.



Hyokan food-ripening

"Just put it in the refrigerator and the meat will become delicious." and "Hyokan" can make your dream come true by bringing out the umami of the meat in this way.



High quality thawing

Because the refrigerator uses electrical energy, the temperature is equally transmitted to the center of the food, and sugar is added gradually throughout the whole food, reducing drip and cost.

Hyokan connects the world

Food Field

You can have agricultural products in stock

Hyokanko makes it possible to stock farm products that are difficult to keep fresh and have never been in stock before. This not only makes it possible to adjust shipments, but also reduces procurement costs. Some foods become more delicious when they are preserved by low-temperature maturing or low-temperature acclimation. We can help you optimize your storage environment.


Distribution Field

Deliver the food "just from the producing area”

Conventional cold chains lose freshness of the food while delivering it. It was difficult to deliver the true deliciousness of agricultural products that farmers want consumers to know. In addition to providing storage at the "point", we are continuing our efforts to use Hyokanko to provide freshness preservation at the "line". Agricultural products are greatly affected by the local environment, and the taste differs depending on the land where they are harvested. We deliver rich agricultural products from all over Japan as if they were just delivered from the local producing lands.

Healthy Field

Safe, Additive-Free Food

Today, food safety is being questioned. People's awareness of what is necessary to live healthy is increasing. Hyokanko makes it possible to preserve food for a significantly longer period of time than conventional methods, even if it is a foodstuff with no preservatives. It also contributes to the provision of safe and secure ingredients such as organic vegetables, and is attracting a great deal of attention in terms of health.


Outstanding sales results and experience!

We are pleased to continue to support you from design and construction to actual use.


Monitor wanted!

We will directly tell you how to use it properly.

Shipping areas covered: Hokkaido, Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, Chugoku/Shikoku, Kyushu (Okinawa and other remote islands require consultation.)

Case Study


Bichu Noen Farming Company

Corn is delivered fresh and in its original condition by combining storage in an ice cabinet and aura packing. In March, 2018, prefabricated Hyokanko about the size of 6.5 square meters was introduced.


Seika Shinya, Ltd.

Onions from Awajishima can be shipped until late August, thanks to an innovative cultivation method and an ice feeling technology. In the flow of the test at Hyokanko dealer → in-house test → introduction, about 1820 square-meter Hyokanko is now being used.



A commercial Hyokanko was introduced in November 2016.
Carefully prepared delicious ingredients can be further enjoyed by maturing them in Hyokanko.



Hyokan technology x cutting-edge technology


Product Guide

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